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I've hosted and guested on podcast, TV, and online media interviews. Some examples are listed below and more can be found on my CV. I've also consulted on media proejcts around topics surrounding my research. Get in touch for more information. 

"Hannah Borenstein On Sharing The Untold Stories Of Ethiopian Runners." CITIUS MAG Podcast. March 6, 2023. 

ETV Interview with Dr. Hannah Borenstein.” Ethiopian Broadcasting Services, September 2022.

Ethiopian Elite Running E3: Legatafo Track,” Sweat Elite, May 2022.
April 2022. “Power and Politics in World Athletics,” New Books Network, December 2021.
Spotlight: Hannah Borenstein,” Duke SSRI. September 2021.
Hannah Borenstein on Ethiopian Women’s Long-Distance Running, and Power Dynamic in Track and Field,” Citius Mag: Social Sport Podcast, August 2021.

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